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Chirac speaks of love in Correze on voting Holland


PARIS (Reuters) - Jacques Chirac said Sunday that he wanted to do "humor Corrèze" in showing the intention to vote for Francois Hollande in 2012, but convince the entire political class.

Former Head of State was correct'm shooting, part of the left saw a sincere desire while the right remained relatively quiet.
For Segolene Royal, Socialist candidate in the primaries, the words of Jacques Chirac showed that some politicians want the right "a change in 2012," implied the defeat of Nicolas Sarkozy.
PS The member of Paris Jean-Marie Le Guen also think that Jacques Chirac "knew very well what he was saying" he would vote for Francois Hollande.
Right, the Minister for Ecology Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, considered i> Tele for a joke, noting that the former head of state had set a rule to not intervene in political debate "of moment. "
"Jacques Chirac has always been committed to defending his political family and I really take it as a joke on his part," added on RTL Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Agriculture.
Jacques Chirac took his entourage short Saturday when the museum dedicated to him in Sarran, in Correze, where he was welcomed by the General Council chairman, Francois Hollande.
Climbing the stairs, the former head of state praises socialist candidate in the primaries, which represents "the future." Then he adds a louder voice: "I will vote for him, yes, certainly, unless (Alain) Juppe presents itself."
Jacques Chirac a phrase repeated several times: "I can say that I will be voting Holland. According to the Sunday newspaper, it responds to relatives who are worried: "I do what I want."
Visibly amused, François Hollande away somewhat and said to reporters consider the promise to vote for Jacques Chirac as a joke.
"To annoy his friends"
"It's a joke, just to annoy his friends. It was the mode of smile. Do not see this as a statement," he says.
Jacques Chirac, who remained at the Elysee Palace for 12 years (1995-2007), had already braided laurels to François Hollande, however, a different political edge of his own in the second installment of his memoirs where he shows severe with Nicolas Sarkozy.
The two men have the same passionate commitment to their common stronghold of Correze.
Jacques Chirac said Sunday morning in a statement that he wanted to be humorous.
"It was humor corrézien between Republicans who know a long time. I regret that this could be interpreted otherwise," he says.
Jacques Chirac wishes to recall, as it "has always said" he "will not take part in political debate and in particular that of the presidential campaign."
Invited on Canal +, Segolene Royal said that the phrase of Jacques Chirac was not really a joke.
"I think there is some right, some political leaders who think in fact we really need now a real change in 2012," argued the president of the Poitou-Charentes.
But Jean-Marc Ayrault, president of the PS group in the National Assembly, there has been merely a "joke, a pike" to address the current occupant of the Elysee.
In the majority camp, guests to the Sunday political shows have sought to downplay the feud between the two men.
"That there are differences in viewpoint, design between Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy on a number of issues, I can attest (...) but do not over-interpret all this," said Bruno the Mayor.
"It's fun, Francois Hollande is stamped candidate Chirac before being appointed" by the Socialists, preferred irony Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet.
Monday, June 13th 2011 at 13h50 in News Politique
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