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Bin Laden: the myth of the success of Torture

While Barack Obama would bring the perpetrators of the use of torture against "enemy combatants" and those who concocted legal justifications of its use, he preferred his own words, "look ahead as behind ". Damage. That would undoubtedly have avoided this barbaric practice, in violation of all laws of war and the Geneva Convention on prisoners of war does not happen overnight.

But these days, the most unbearable was the assertion by the conservatives that torture was allowed to catch Bin Laden. It is simply a lie as big as those who utter.

Journal posted on the fence near the field that crashed Sept. 11, 2001, flight 93 in Shanksville, after announcing the capture of Osama bin Laden, May 2

Since the announcement of the death of bin Laden, we hear more and more loudly that torture would be the lieutenant of the leader of Al Qaeda, Khalid Sheik Mohammed (KSM), which would have yielded the name of messenger linking bin Laden to the outside world. It is this letter that CIA agents were then followed for months to come up terrorist.
Yet nothing is more absurd and untrue. Torture has nothing to do with the success of the operation. It's almost the opposite.

First, what would be laughable if it were not so depressing, the Republicans are trying to capture the victory by defending torture. They have nothing else to grasp for power that is partly thanks to them that Barack Obama recorded this success. Pathetic.

Then they can repeat it thousands of times, like John O'Reilly on Fox or Rush Limbaugh, it will not be provided to the truth: nothing came of torture.

The New York Times asserts that it is not during the torture sessions, but months later that KSM gave the name of the horse during interrogation sessions classics. So, the head of Al Qaeda showed nothing under the water torture. He preferred to give a name in more humane conditions. Better still, the CIA revealed that torture was often produces lies. In 2007, the lieutenant of bin Laden reveals that there may be a messenger, but you must wait four more years for his name to be delivered.

In short, this is not stooping to the level of Bin Laden that Americans have found the trail of terror. It simply multiplying agents on the ground that finally, last summer, has a track revealed. This is the traditional work of finding information that led the military to the rebels. A truth may be difficult to swallow for those who have made lies their preferred language.

Saturday, May 07th 2011 at 12h29 in News Politique
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